It was on 1st November 1988, that Mr Subhash Deodhar Started coaching school boys and girls the art of playing badminton, at Maharashtriya Mandal (Tilak Road), Badminton Court a very centrally located venue.

Mr Deodhar himself very keen and State level Badminton player is also National Level Umpire. It was but natural that he got spontaneous response from Boys and Girls of school and colleges, employers and employees of Corporate and IT sector, practically from all the walks of life, including those retired from Service.

The response was so encouraging, that He along with his son Mr Nakul Deodhar Opened additional Coaching Centres at the following four locations to meet the ever increasing demand of players.

  • Scout Ground, Badminton Court
  • S. P. College, Badminton Court
  • Model Colony, Badminton Court
  • Kothrud(Ideal Colony), Badminton Court

Mr Nakul Deodhar himself very competent, par excellence, vibrant coach with high level expertise at his command. He has won many SinglesDoubles and Mixed Doubles tournaments in Maharashtra


It is treat to watch Nakul Playing badminton with great skill, ease and grace. A model Coach; always smiling and cheerfulever ready to help young and not so young players, always and at all times. generates friendly atmosphere “ON” and “OFF” the court.

More than a successful and brilliant coach, Nakul is a great trainer. He has taught five of his assistants the ART OF COACHING. To teach someone to play badminton and win tournament is one thing and to teach someone ART OF COACHING – TOP CLASS AND COMPETITIVE badminton is another.

Badminton; like many other games demands “Mental and Physical alertness“, in addition to “Fighting Fitness.”

It is a great pleasure to see Nakul with his dedicated team, efficiently managing courts at different locations to enter satisfaction of all the players from different walk of life.

To Nakul and his team every player is important. Every participant matters. He believes in “TEAM WORK” and also make it possible to pay personal attention to each participant.

To conclude Nakul is indeed a dedicated coach, who updates his Ultra Modern Techniques of playing BADMINTON at regular intervals.

His motto is to prepare the players of National / International Standard.